7 best day trips from Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh: The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh, It was a hub for both the Khmer Empire and French colonialists. On its walkable riverfront, lined with parks, restaurants and bars, are the ornate Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and the National Museum, displaying artifacts from around the country. At the city’s heart is the massive, art deco Central Market. We’ve narrowed it down to our favorite thing to do in Phnom Penh for a day trip.

1.Boeung Snae- paddy field and floating forest birding

Boeung Snae paddy field and floating forest area is becoming a home of thousand birds, such as Little Cormorant, Indian Cormorant, Darter, Grey Heron, Purple Heron, Pacific Reef Egret, Great Egret, Cattle Egret, Javan Pond-Heron, Black Bitten, Black-crowned Night Heron, Little Heron, Yellow Bittern, Cinnamon Bittern, Painted Stork, Woolly –necked Stork, Lesser Whistling Duck, Cotton Pygym-goose, Little Grebe, White-breasted Waterhen, Ruddy-breasted Crake, Watercocke, Purple Swamphen, Bronze- winged Jacana, and another grassroots birds like Barred Buttonquail, Small Buttonquail, Red Collared Dove, Spotted Dove, Black Drongo, Racket Tailed, Greater Coucal, Indian Roller, Oriental Magpie, Pied Fantail, Pied Bushchat, Yellow Wagtail, Indochinese Bushlark, Common Myna, White-vented Myna, Black-collared Starling, Olive-backed Sunbird, etc.  Don’t missed this birding tour when you visit Phnom Penh.

2. Kirirom National Park Day Trek

With a full day trekking in Kirirom National Park, you’ll experience with natural views, explore hidden beautiful waterfall in the jungle, and stunning mountain and countryside views. This is a moderate to challenging activity where you need to climb and downhill by foots about 17kilometers where you’ll encounter experience with bamboo forest, jungle, pine forest, waterfall, birds and delicious packed lunch in jungle. Let do it, if you are looking for a nature experience.

3. Udong Mountain and Silver Village Adventure

Bike on the quiet back road from urban area of Phnom Penh to Udong Mountain and explore beautiful paddy fields, natural lakes, Khmer villages and greeting welcome from children and local people during the ride. We guarantee our entire guest to visit Cambodia countryside, enjoy local foods and refreshing at beautiful countryside then we take you to visit silver villages as the handicraft workshop along the bank of Tonle Sap Lake. Phnom Udong is located in Psa Dek and Phnom Bat commune, it about 40 kilometers from Phnom Penh. The city drops behind while fishing villages and rice paddies surround either side of the sweeping plains of Kandal province. Please take these cycling experience through countryside to see old capital city of Cambodia.

4. Phnom Chisor Temple and Countryside Adventure

Biking throughout beautiful countryside, explore pretty villages and discover a lot of thing along the way where you’ll experience with a real life of local people in countryside and delicious Khmer local food. We will spend about 20% of the time on the main roads for the 48 km journey. Along the way, the rest of the time on a small village, we stopped at a small stall where a lady sold fried crickets and fresh cane juice; delicious and refreshing. Furthermore, cycle to visit Ta Promh Temple, which is the temple that is reminiscent of Angkor Wat. Ta Promh temple, adapted from Bayon style, was built during the late 12th and early 13thcenturies, during the reign of King Jayavarman VII (AD 1181-1220) as a place of worship for Brahmans and Buddhists. After visited the temple and delicious local lunch in the picnic huts of Tonle Bati Tourism Site, we cycle about 16 km more to Phnom Chiso and climb about 400 stairs to visit Phnom Chiso temple and explore beautiful views of Takeo countryside from the hilltop. Phnom Chiso temple was built in the early 11th century by King Suryawarman I (AD 1002- 1050) who practiced Brahmanism. Along the way to the Phnom Chiso, you will explore more beautiful countryside, see local street foods where you’ll be able to taste from fried little frogs to silkworm and delicious with fresh coconut juice. Find these tour here!

5. Phnom Penh Night Ride

This old city never sleeps as we ride through small back roads and alley ways to see the lives of Khmer people. Some fun started just after the sunsets, from a tranquil park where locals practice dancing or played any sport for their exercise; enjoy entertainment music on pub street bar, to a night market with various type of delicious local food and some souvenir products as much as explore some of French colonial architectures. Then explore part of garment factories area to learn about Cambodian workers life and discover the largest fruits & vegetable local market which open 24 hours before delicious dinner at local restaurant. Let see this amazing city at night.  

6. Mekong Island Cycling Adventure

It’s a fantastic way to see beautiful countryside, lemongrass farm, banana and mango plantations and peaceful Khmer villages where you’ll enjoy a morning cycle or at twilight cycling on less busy back roads on Mekong Islands which is located near Phnom Penh. The Mekong Island is closely connected with a long list history of local artisan of silk weaving where you’ll experience with local people and see the real beauty of Cambodian countryside landscapes. Sightseeing with fun cycling, ferry journey, silk weaving workshops, and tasting the finest flavors of local snacks make this such a great experience. You should do these, it just about 22 kilometers of cycling.

7. Urban of Phnom Penh Photography

It is a wonderful photography day trip in Phnom Penh. You will capture a lot of thing about Cambodia, French colonials architectures, fishing community and floating villages, Khmer villages, Buddha pagoda and monks, silk weaving workshop, silver handicraft workshop and farmland. Don’t missed these photography tour when you visit Phnom Penh. Please let inquiry us by email booking@vanatravel.com for your photography tour needed.

We hope this article would help you to find  a day trip from Phnom Penh.