Horse Cart Riding

Get one of Cambodia traditional transportation is riding a local horse cart. One horse cart could be loading up to 4 tourists and it could take about 2 hours in Silk Island where you’ll explore a real life of local people, farming villages, Buddha temple as much as your coachman will bring you to visit silk weaving workshop as it made by hands and a part of local income for farmers. The fee is 25$ for one horse cart include coachman and 2 hours riding in the silk island. Please reservation in advance since the horse is always in the grass fields.

Rent a Kayak or paddle standing board

We set in 5 bests for kayaking and paddle standing board tours destination in Cambodia and one of them is also included for renting the kayak. Mekong Island is a very best way and the best time for your kayak experience. Rent a recreational kayak or paddle standing board and start your paddle around the island of Mekong are a great way with waterway experience, and discover the island of Mekong where beautiful of farmland, countryside, and silk weaving workshop.

Rental fees:

  • Recreational Kayak single seat: 10$
  • Paddle Standing Board: 10$
  • Recreational Kayak tandem: 15$
  • Round trip vehicle support from the city to the kayaking site: 10$ per person (Go with a group will have another promotion fee)

Car Rental

With our car rental service, we offer a variety of vehicle for rent with Khmer and English-speaking drivers and selected only drivers who passionate with their job and have many years driving experience in a countrywide. You can hire for daily, weekly, monthly, or any duration where it would be meet with your requirement. You can choose family car (Sienna), SUV, Pick Up and mini vans or whatever vehicles for you needed.


What the best way experience in Cambodia waterway is cruise through its water. In Phnom Penh capital city, you can take a cruise tour or rental cruise at any convenience time for you. You’ll experience in 3 main rivers come to the city. The Great Tonle Sap Lake, Mekong and Bassac River. Best way of the cruise tour in the Phnom Penh city is heading to Silk Island and the Mekong Sunset Cruise. Another waterway experience, you can get on the coastal of Cambodia like Kep, Kampot, Sihanouk Vile and Koh Kong province. You also able to get overnight cruise from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap via the Great Tonle Sap Lake and From Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City via the Mekong Delta Cruise.


Riding a bicycle is a great way to explore the beauty of Cambodia. Pedal along the dirty trails through the farming villages and beautiful plantation of Mekong Islands, or cycle through the paddy rice fields to the Udong as the old capital city of Cambodia before the Phnom Penh.

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