Locally Operator and Experience

Vana Adventure Travel is a Cambodian family own business was established in 2014 located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Passionate with adventure travel and experiences in organizing of outdoor activities, Vana Adventure Travel is outstanding to offer cycling tours, hiking tours and tailormade holidays in a countrywide. We aim to provide adventure lovers with the most enjoyable and fulfilling adventure travel experience of their lives. We working with Cambodian local families, local ecotourism communities and we put our best efforts to the local for strengthening and sustainable development. We are running with our based of core values:

  1. Valuable for customers and human

We understand what we need to lives is living with a value of human. We go somewhere and stay somewhere are always meet with people, children etc. We know everyone is not come from the same house, however we understand we are the same human. We don’t discriminate or separate what we are and mostly we effort to try to understand to each other. We don’t discriminate nation, religions, ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our customer values without discrimination.

  1. Integrity and honesty

We do not hide what we have in the holiday itinerary to the customers, by dealing truthfully and transparently with our customers, employees, suppliers and the community-based ecotourism site and therefore being an ethical company. We are saying no at any commissions from the customers where they shop something, stay somewhere or go somewhere. We need our customers feel we are a one family! 

  1. Quality of products and valuable for money

All of our adventure tour products must be quality and appreciated by the customers with a valuable for money. Most of your expense for the tours are going through to the local based, community based which much benefit to the them for their sustainable living.

  1. Sustainable Travel

We put our best efforts to the local for strengthening and sustainable development. We help our stakeholders to understand about environmental issues, renewable and non-renewable resources and help them to use the natural resources in order to sustain and make quality of life of all people with a livable environment.