Cambodian food tends not to be as hot or spicy as Thai and 85% of Cambodia food are come from vegetable and fish as normally they eat as a fresh meal. The most popular fast food in Cambodia, often served from street stalls, is the Chinese noodle soup. Commonly Cambodia meals is including steam rice, while your traveling on this journey we will find a wide variety of Cambodia cuisines such Chicken sour soup, stir fried chicken with pine apple, green herb soup, dry fish, dry beef, and pork ribs. You will try local food such as ‘charcoal chicken’, ‘sticky rice’ and ‘fried fish’ will commonly be offered.

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Best Seasons:All year round
Popular Location:Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampot, Battambang, Kratie, and Koh Kong

    Phnom Penh Night’s Life & Urban Food Adventure

    6 hours

    This is a unique experience of Phnom Penh lifestyle at night that combined with real life experience in the capital city of Cambodia when we visit the fishing community, slum area , garment factory’s workers resident and tasting the street…

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