Cambodia is the land of smiling faces and friendliest people with beautiful of nature in Southeast Asia. Currently, the plastic pollution is a global problem and in Cambodia as well. Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanauk Vile are the biggest amount of rubbish being produced daily. With the estimated by MSW, Phnom Penh is estimated at close to 1 million tonnes a year, of which only a little over 700,000 tonnes is deposited in the landfill. Phnom Penh’s landfill in Dangkor district receives close to 2,000 tonnes of MSW a day from 12 districts.

While Vana Adventures has been working to reduce our plastic footprint for years, the greatest impact will happen with the support of our travellers, our suppliers, our employees and our stakeholders. That’s why we’ve launched the Free Plastic Award Project to eliminate as much single-use plastic on our tours as possible. We’re working with our stakeholders to provide safe drinking water for refillable bottles wherever possible and raising awareness to the local people and our target group to to eliminate as much single-use plastic and manage their rubbish at their own region.

But this is only the beginning. Find out how you can help below.

We are calling on you — Vana Adventure Travel staff, Guides, communities based ecotourism, and our travellers — to help make single-use plastics a thing of the past.

Our Travelers 

When you travelling with us or with someone. Please bring a reusable bottle with you. Throughout with our tour, we will refill a drinking water for you while our guides or supported team will bring the largest amount of drinking water for our refillable.

The Communities Based Ecotourism 

While Vana Adventure Travel has working to support the local communities based ecotourism which much benefit to the local people, local communities and sustainable travel. We are hard at work to encouraging them to provide travellers with safe drinking water that doesn’t come in small single-use plastic bottles.

Our Staffs & Guides 
We are reducing plastic consumption in our office and all of our tours, using reusable mugs for tea and coffee, washable crockery and cutlery, and reusable water bottles. Foods and drinks for taking away is must be not a single-use plastic and also not recommend to take away.

Being our plastic solution sponsors

While we understand everyone has a concern about the plastic wastes, rubbish management and not enough time to share your idea or knowledge to the local people or everyone. Here you are able to become our sponsor. You can contribute whatever you can efforts like refillable bottle, not single use of plastic bag, bags, shoes, study materials or some cash. Our volunteer team, will effort to make your concern is working and solved.

Please let us know at or contact us via whatsapp +855 87 883 898, and we will look into it.